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In our fleet there are cars from 3,5 to 40 DCM which allow us to transport every cargo.



It is one of the most popular and the most modern twin-engine aircrafts used for on-demand flights all over the world. Its performance and the high reliability allow the flights to the places that are inaccessible for most of the aircrafts. The high air speed and the comfortable cabin makes the aircraft a perfect alternative for the turboprop. The comfortable seats in club systems and hushed cabin allow the convenient travel.

Cessna 172

This is an excellent single-engine plane located 3 passengers besides the pilot. Provides unprecedented in this class combination of comfort and economy travel. The spacious trunk and the comfortable armchairs provide a convenient journey. Its advantage is the ability to take off from short as well as grass strips and a turbocharged engine provides an excellent performance.

Monney acclaim

As the only one in Poland we offer the fastest single-engine piston aircraft in the world. Its unusual performance will satisfy everyone who needs to move around quickly. The avionics based on the Glass Cockpit provides the highest level of modernity. This four-seater aircraft is finished with leather and the high quality materials which offer the expected comfort.

  • Exemplary routes
  • Wrocław - Vienna 75 min
  • Poznań - Lvov 120 min
  • Wrocław - Venice 165 min
  • Number of people 5
  • range 1600 km
  • speed 300 km/h
  • load 600 kg
  • Located in
  • Wrocław
  • Exemplary routes
  • Wrocław - Koszalin 110 min
  • Wrocław - Warsaw 95 min
  • Number of people 3
  • range 800 km
  • speed 190 km/h
  • load 400 kg
  • Located in
  • Mirosławice
  • (20km from Wrocław)

  • Exemplary routes
  • Wrocław - Rome 210 min
  • Poznań - Paris 196 min
  • Number of people 3
  • range 2150 km
  • speed 330 km/h
  • load 400 kg
  • Located in
  • Warszawa

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