Not just transport!

Our services range from


Business consulting

  • evaluation and optimization of the functioning processes of
    • production
    • logistics
    • transport
    • cost generating
  • change management
  • management of the implementation of the improvement solutions
  • designing warehouses and production logistics systems
  • crisis management – temporary management of the indicated business areas

Industry 4.0

  • AGV Afromic Powered by Aiut & Crusar
  • evaluation of the advancement level of a company
  • implementation of the solutions of industry 4.0
  • designing systems of optimizing functioning and connection of the current infrastructure
  • methods of collecting and analysis of the system data [big data]
  • automation of logistics – AGV trailers, automatic warehouses, automation of administrative and data collection activities

Our services range from


Managing the warehouse

  • work organisation
  • elements of designing the warehouse systems
  • organization of the material and locating goods
  • rules of WMS system functioning
  • driving cycle counting and balance transactions
  • solving problems

Planning, controlling and scheduling of the production

  • planning using the classical methods: scheduling, kanban, heijunka, production levelling
  • planning using data analysis, JIS scheduling, algorithms of the production optimization
  • modern methods of submitting and managing orders
  • MPS (Master Production Scheduling) / APS (Advanced Production Scheduling) / SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning)


  • the basics of systems of lean management and production
  • overview of the lean concept philosophy
  • tools of actions according to LM
    • SMED
    • Pull system
    • Poka-yoke
    • mapping of the value streams
    • optimizing the cash cycle / reduction of functioning cost
    • hoshin of processes – the efficiency and effectiveness improvement

Transport optimization

  • linking transport
  • milkrun concept
  • organization of the trans-shipment warehouses flow / Cross Docki XD
  • optimization of the transporting cost
  • 4PL/Control Tower

Industry 4.0

  • what is industry 4.0 and why does it possess traits of revolution
  • what technologies can be considered to be the elements of the new industrial revolution
  • raising the competitiveness through the implementation of the industry 4.0 solutions

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